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Family Trips. Business Travel. Take your Pets.

Experience spacious luxury for your family, efficient privacy for work trips, and the joy of traveling with your beloved pets. Your journey, elevated in every way.

Enjoy Exclusive Service

Step aboard PeakJets and enter a world of exclusive, high-class service that redefines luxury air travel. From handpicked amenities to impeccably designed cabins, our dedicated team anticipates your every need, ensuring a journey that exceeds expectations. Enjoy privacy, productivity, and opulence, as we curate an extraordinary experience from booking to landing.

Exquisite & Tailored Experience

Our onboard service is unparalleled, and our dedicated flight attendants are committed to ensuring an extraordinary travel experience for every passenger. From high-class dining tailored to your preferences to an exquisite selection of wines and other luxury amenities, our attentive team goes above and beyond to meet your every need. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, our flight attendants will anticipate and cater to your desires, ensuring you have everything you need to enjoy a seamless and indulgent journey with us.

Exceeding Safety Standards

Safety is paramount. Our highly trained and experienced pilots undergo simulator training twice a year, surpassing industry standards. With meticulous aircraft maintenance, we ensure your journey is in the safest hands possible. Travel with confidence and peace of mind at PeakJets.

Elevate your travel to new heights with PeakJets

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Up to 6 passengers

Light Jet

Up to 7 passengers

Mid Size

Up to 8 passengers

Super Mid Size

Up to 9 passengers

Heavy Jet

Up to 14 passengers

Ultra Long Range

Up to 14 passengers
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